29 June, 7-7 is getting closer

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I’m slowly slowly getting ready to leave, I ordered new shoes and stickers. I’m still sending out the last pieces to the last sponsors. Saying goodbyes and making the last things I need. Today is a big day for Ea! As she is finishing school.

Getting to grips with the website, what is the best way to update and keep you informed, working on a map so you can see where I am and where I am looking for places to stay/ people to visit, I am walking along a line that will only be visible after I’ve gone there. Sooo please tell me of artists, craft people rural museum etc etc anything anybody worth visiting

Now I would also like to install a newsletter to inform all my sponsors and other interested people of where I’m at and how I’m doing, but not sure about the frequency? what would be good? Also I don’t know if or where I can see who comes to visit this website and what would be the best way for you to communicate with me… I’ve choosen English as my language to communicate in as that seems the most obvious

Also I thought if I link insta to my website it would show everything but infact it doesn’t, it only shows the first picture and no text and only the last 10 posts so for as far as I know If I want to link the content I’d have to copy paste…

I’m not sure how often I will write depending on wifi, energy and shareable content.

June 2022

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