heat wave 18 July

So I’ve come to a halt! because of this heat wave! it’s not a good idea to walk right now! too hot My friend Flathat is welcoming me into his house. I know him from a lifetime ago when I was living in Brixton, London from the squatters scene. a lovely guy , a clown, muscian and a maker.

It’s been an amazing start of this adventure! very Jyotiesk really! I have been planning to go for so long but not so much on the actual walk! getting to know how far I can walk, working out my pace and what I need, getting to grips with social media/ friends/ family communication. and the app that I plan on OsMand. It all hs been a challenge. also slleping outside like wild Camping has been a challenge.

I brought along my ukulele, but have played it only once so far, and I was curious about how my creativity would come out… so far it’s mainly photograpy, I have to sort out pictures straight away so I don’t drown in them! I haven’t really done anything textily yet apart from fixing my socks.

Abu who is helping to get the website right is doing an amazing job connecting my instagram with my map but now I see I should write the day I post the flag of where I am! I’ve been walking too much, It’s hard to know how many km one can do a day and km on a map don’t match the ones actually walked!

so km walked:

7 -7-’22 25.1 km from my front door to La grand place to Waterloo 8-7-’22 25.7 km from Patricks to Louvain la Neuve 9-7-’22 20.2 km From Beatrice via La barrack to Bousval 10-7-’22 44 km from Bousval to Black Mountain in Peronnes lez Binche 11-7-’22 4.9 km around Black Mountain and in La louviere for Dinner 12-7-’22 29.9 km to Violette in Nimy via Saint Denis & Casteau 13-7-’22 12.7 km from Nimy to Christine in Mons and back 14-7-’22 28.2 km from Nimy to Bernissart 15-7-’22 33.5 km to under the stars near Saint Amands les Eaux , France 16-7-’22 30,8 km to under the stars near Estrees France 17-7-’22 26 km to Flathat (Adrian) in Beaurain near Arras France

July 2022

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