Abbaye de Cerisy-la-Forêt

Day 35 from Bayeux to The abbey of Cerisy la forêt, 27 km walked. 10-8-22
I am in an garden of statues. there is a crêperie ( sadly not vegan) and 2 camping cars that are also camping here.
Ii woke up early but everything was all over the place so it took me a while to get packed up. Also I still had to pay, and I was walking just before 9, the route went through the centre so I took the chance to see the Cathedral still, I am not religious but these spaces always touch me, the light was beautiful! The homeless people at the door looked after Arlette for me. This guy he was 2 years younger than me but looked about 10 years older than me.
The first part of my walk was through the woods but then I ended up walking along the road for about 7 or 8 km, I must have taken a wrong turn…
And my app adjusts and it’s not easy to get it to change. Later I was in the woods again.
I practiced some walking meditation, very peaceful.
When I got to the village I had set as an End goal I had an Alcoholfree beer and there I met Claude and Marie who told me about this place, they let me use their kitchen in the camping car. And this time I managed to cook for 2 days! So I’ve got for tomorrow too!

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August 2022

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