Ville de Guipry-Messac

Day 50 Fedde’s birthday (my brother! 🥳 ) 25 august
I walked from Sel de Bretagne to Guipry Messac and I am at the camping municipal! Lovely small camping along the river Vilaine
I walked 24 km and am going direction Redon where I will stay with an old friend from Bristol times
He’s not there tomorrow night so I’m taking a slow few days!
So I’ll arrive Saturday. my OsmAnd App was really not behaving today so I threw it off and reinstalled- it cost me a lot of 4g but it had to be done…I ‘ll try and turn my phone off as much as possible in the next few days.
After Redon I want to move towards the coast and then follow the Loire to Nantes and then Angers
I’m meeting Ali in Tours on the 9th to go to Linda’s party near Najac and Villefranche so a bit of cheating…I’d like to get out of France by end of September and walk some of the coastal path towards Barcelona,
So If you still have addresses contact me to see if it might interest me,
More menhirs- faces postboxes water towers and whatever makes the 10 photo selection…
I write first and then I choose, and still make to many pictures.
It wasn’t so hot today, and here wasn’t a thunder storm last night either
#Thewalkinghomeproject #longdistancewalking ##solowalkingtrip

August 2022

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