La Coudraie

Day 53, 28 august I walked from St Nicolas de Redon to La coudraie ( Saint dolay) 28,5 km!!! I couldn’t walk anymore!!! I’d send a Facebook message but they never received it but it was ok I can stay!
I’ll stay 2 nights so I can help a bit around the farm tomorrow!
I got ready to leave early but I couldn’t find Chris to say goodbye, he found me! And I left around 9 and more or less walked all day, two little breaks aside, I followed the GR on the side of the canal but I should have gone on the cycling path on the other side…
There were some big bumps especially the second one! It was very steep and slippery I had to take out all my stuff, to be able to get Arlette up! So I made a spaghetti on my map! (It gets lost in the overview!) But what a view!!
I had a good day, a pity that Chris didn’t have a bit more time, I would have left with a better feeling…
And then I couldn’t find the exact place on the map yesterday so it turned out to be about 6 km further than I thought plus it always being more…

I’ll leave Tuesday early, I’m sleeping in a caravan! How luxe ❤️
I’ll show you around tomorrow and tell you about this place
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August 2022

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