La Possonnière, Pays De La Loire, France

So day 63, 7 September, walked 23 km, from Le fresne sur Loire to Le Possoniere.
I had a lovely day the first day you could feel a change in the weather/ in the season. I managed to start at 8 which I like, it makes it easy to get those 10km done before noon. But I stopped for coffee twice! I wasn’t going to miss out again and have a head ache like yesterday!
I just walked on the ‘la Loire a Velo’ cycling path but it was nice, meandering along gardens and flowers, one man gave me Peaches from his garden and the next told me he planted the flowers just for me 💐.
I tried updating my agenda, with where I was when, when my friend Rachel asked when is a good time to call? Now!
Great to walk and talk! It makes me happy.
Later I kept crossing some gardeners who were cutting the grass on very big Tractors, one of them came down to talk to me, he loved the Idea of just going!
And I love these little encounters with people, where we talk about how friendly most people are, and about the climate and how we can all do a little bit.
Oh yes and pictures! Too many again.
Leave messages, thoughts and whatever, I enjoy reading you!
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September 2022

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