Revel, Midi-Pyrenees, France

Day 76, 20 September 32km walked! Part 2 ( same text)
That means I have walked more than 1600km! Today I walked from reserve naturelle Cambounet sur le sor to just before Revel. Tomorrow I will take it easier and leave later, I did a wash and hung it out to dry, I just had to force myself to eat, I don’t feel hungry after a long walk like today!
I got up early because again I was in a spot where I wasn’t supposed to be, so I packed up and was gone by 7! And it was cold! Really! I wore my scarf!!
I visited Viviers les Montagne, and hunted for all my assignments, Fun!
But I won’t share all of them just yet
Working on some collections
I left my Arlette la charette at the post office, where it was well looked after!
The scenery today was so beautiful although it is clear that the land has suffered this summer…
The temperature rose again to about 25/26 degrees and I just kent on going
Had a big brunch under a tree.
Not to long though! Walk walk walk then at some point I found a place to sit.
I met Cindy who loved my Labradorite, she talked about how ai should wash it and charge it in the moonlight, I’ll do that when the moon is a bit rounder again, she ended up offering me a shower! Just what I had asked for!
And when her partner came home I was of again! Thank you Cindy!
It was 18.00 and I looked on my map a saw a campsite not too far away
I got here at 19,45 so tired!
So tomorrow I’ll try sleeping in!
#Thewalkinghomeproject #longdistancewalking

September 2022

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