Carcassonne, France

Day 79 23 September Gijs ( brother) Birthday hbd! 16 km walked from ecluse de Villeseque to Carcasonne
(Plus 8 after)
I’m at the campsite of Carcasonne all other possibilities fell through, pity but okay C’est la vie. I’m very very tired,
I tried to get my shoes fixed but nope, and my phone doesn’t want to charge properly anymore but the guy at the shop said it couldn’t be fixed…
I’ll see at another shop tomorrow, there must be a solution!
I need my phone for everything!!
Photo’s/ map/ communication!
I woke up at 7,30 and as I stuck my head out of the tent a man was walking past, haha he said Bonjour! And when I’d nearly finished packing he came walking back.
It was very easy walking, ate my left overs from yesterday for breakfast. And read my book! Landlines The last one from Raynor Winn, who wrote the salt path. And then Renee and Jean Yves came by, the people I met at Revel, Renee who braided my hair!
It’s great reading about walking when you are walking!
I put my book away as I walked into Carcassonne, the cite is very impressive I’ll visit tomorrow!
I’m probably staying until early Monday morning. I’ll make my bed and go for a shower.
I hope to stay dry! My tent in the night that is!
I do find myself a little down but it’s just the fatigue I have walked 10 days in a row! In which I covered 265km!!!
I will do very little in the days to come!
#Thewalkinghomeproject #longdistancewalking

September 2022

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