Écluse de Saint-Martin

Day 82, 26 September 31 km walked 16 alone and the rest with Brechtje
From Carcassonne to l’ecluse de Saint Martin.
I woke up very early and broke a tent pole and ripped my tent a little bit! No time to worry about it. So I Packed and was out of the camping by 6.30! It was great walking so early! Found my way back to the canal and walked fairly quickly cause I was meeting Brechtje at trebes at 12
I thought I would never be on time but I was there about an hour early!
I sat and watched the boats in the Locks and most of these people doing this boating for the first time. The water coming in and the boats rising is very impressive, I phoned Patrick while I waited, great to hear him!
And the there was Brechtje looking as if she came straight out of the seventies,
So much fun to be walking with a friend! We found a place to camp at around 17.00 and I fixed the tent pile and the fabric! What a relief! It had been nibbling at the back of my brain all day
We cooked some simple food and we are very cosy in this tent! The wind is lulling us to sleep, and there are a lot of clouds so we won’t see Jupiter close to earth, a pity…
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September 2022

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