Colera, Alt Empordà

Day 90, 4-10-‘22, 29 km walked!
From Port-Vendres to Colera
I passed the border! I was crying! I walked 1745km through France during 82 days! ( more than 2,5months) and 200km before that in Belgium
And then now a new country with a new language, one that I don’t master so well, oh well it’ll get better I’m sure, and I can mime 😜.
I got downstairs at 8 with Arlette this morning, (yes I took her upstairs). And Gabrielle, the owner of the hotel and her husband invited me for breakfast and coffee on the house, so sweet. They only took over the hotel 1 week ago! And then walking started off with climbing straight away! My app said it would be 23km but some of the shortcuts were just impossible for Arlette so I mostly walked along the road. And it was longer! It takes concentration and alertness to walk along the road ( on the left) especially with all the hairpin bends, but oooh the views! Amazing ❤️❤️❤️
At the end of the day Edu send me his location in his camper van and he was waiting for me! Tonight I’m sleeping in one of the beds! And he’s cooking right now! So good to see him!! We’ll spend some days together sorting some organisational stuff, fixing shoes and or Arlette’s Axle, handle bar and maybe some serious looking at what I really need or don’t need! I must lighten the load!
People ask me what weight Arlette has and I tell them I don’t want to know…
I should really say it is Impolite to ask a lady how much she weighs, Ha!
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October 2022

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