Ajuntament de Viladamat

Day 97, 11-10-‘22 13,6km walked from Sant Pere Pescadora to Viladamat
I packed and payed and went for a last swim before heading inland for a little bit, At around 5 I started asking people where I might camp, and I met a lovely gardener Who invited me to his place. He told me to meet me at a café at 18.00 but I must have taken the wrong turn I never found it. So I asked around and this guy said it should be fine To camp a bit further up the road. And as I was heading that way I saw a place with a sign : Warm Showers for cyclists, so I rang the bell… and I now have a room to myself! And I shared some food with a cyclist from Germany.
Really trusting that all will be well is so amazing because it really works.
I managed to do some making, whilst walking and soon I’ll find a place to elaborate on these little pieces I’ve made. Found plastic and natural fibres mixed, great fun to make! But obviously only when it is safe to be all and work.
And voila some pictures, let me know what you think of them. Oh and I lost my hat (again)on my nightly walk. Sad…
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October 2022

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