Day 226, 18-2-‘23, walked 19,5 km today from Tanger to a field near Marjane,
So I did manage to leave Tanger today,
Tried to get money with my other card but it did not work… I sort that one out in Tetouan when I get there.. still have some money so I’m fine.
So after a week I said goodbye to Theo and started walking out of Tanger, It’s so different here! Africa! But one thing I really don’t like is all the rubbish everywhere! Building rumble/plastic etc
And then all the cats and dogs living in the street, looking very unhealthy!
But there is a lot of waving and honking, my gps couldn’t really find the path so I took a bigger road. I met this man with a herd of sheep and an amazing belly shaking rumble of a laugh, he invited me to his place but it was through the fields.. pity.. then a lady and her 2 children invited me to theirs but I didn’t realise it was back nearer Tanger, so I declined too, the oldest boy (16) spoke English with a Russian accent haha
And just now three boys came to check whether I needed food, but I have eaten and will go to sleep! They were making music earlier, wedding party music I think. Google translate is very useful!
I think I should make a move early tomorrow! The wind is fierce,
Hopefully I won’t blow away! But at least it’s not cold!
In a tent in Marocco!! Woot woot, not scared
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February 2023

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