Day 229, 21-2-‘23, 13,1km walked in Tetouan. (2/2 post same text)
What a wonderful day! I didn’t sleep to well, feeling nostalgic for Carnaval in Oeteldonk my hometown in the Netherlands, but I went and enjoyed myself nonetheless! ( pictures of my tribe in Oeteldonk kept me going!)
I went the Centre d’art contemporaine de Tetouan where Adil gave me a brilliant tour explaining about the history of art in Marocco. The centre is housed in the old train station that unused to link Tetouan with Ceuta, it stopped being used as such when Marocco became independent from Spain in the fifties ( correct me if I’m wrong)
Very interesting to see!
Adil then linked me up with Hassan who is part of a Ceramic cooperative making tiles and working for/ together with Artist making big shapes in styrofoam ( I was asked not to take pictures of that to protect artists work). Very interesting to see the way they worked ( a lot less in winter because of the drying process, if I’ve understood it correctly) very inspiring place with a lot of moulds and some big (gas)kilns! Hassan was very friendly.
Some other amazing news of the day was that I have the best bank! Vdk bank, It is Ethical, doesn’t invest in weapons etc and it is small and personal. I wrote a mail to my contactperson who managed to unblock my card! So I went to try it and it worked! So cool! Thank you Patrick!
And after that I went to get lost in the Medina! Such a brilliant place! Easy to get lost in! All these crafts, vegetables, fish/meat Leather as a vegan I had a hard time, but at least it seems honest, everything gets used and is local, from the raising of animal to the tanning of the leather etc.
I felt very safe even though it got very busy, people said hi in Arabic/Spanish/ French/German and even Dutch.
A man showed me a place where I could eat, asked the price (11dirham €1) and made sure it was vegan chickpea’s veg and rice with bread.
I haven’t decided yet what’s next, I’ll sleep on it.
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February 2023

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