Day 236, 28–2-‘23, 17, km walked. From Tetouan to a little place along the A2 with the best view over the lake and mountain.
I took my time leaving after a week! ( I’m glad I stayed that long, to be able to do some work and get to know the place a little! But this time I was ready and more confident! I walked out of the medina out of the gates sat down for some coffee and breakfast. There were some very steep hills but mostly te road was good!
When I got to a tea house I had some tea and I didn’t have to pay!
The countryside is so beautiful!
Then later I reached a small village where I had some bsarra (greenpea soup) or as it it called where I’m from ‘Snert’)
And the village after that I started asking for where I could sleep or camp
Suddenly I was surrounded by important phoning men, they passed the phone to me and a man explained that a place was found! So Arlette and O in the car Wiskes of about 2 km to a roadside teaplace.
Turned out that these men were people from the local authority, they did not want the responsibility of a woman walking on their part of Morocco, rather they would have me take a bus. I showed my passport they did some checking..
So after some tea and bread I went to bed! Sorted throu all the new treasures I found and will get an early start!
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March 2023

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