Chefchaouen, Morocco

Day 237, 1-3-‘23, 27,5km walked. From that side of the road teaplace to Beni Hassan.
What a day! I got away quite early and I decided to just stick to the road, most of it is very ample, room enough for me to walk. I had several stops along the way to have tea. There was a souk (market) where I was heading so from a certain time there were a lot of Mercedes busses packed to the rim with people and the roofs with stuff, bags, straw, etc
I did some good walking I arrived at 17.00 when I started to look for a place to eat.
In the hussle and bustle of a souk, so many people/ colours, very much like the market at gare de midi in Brussels on Sunday.
I had some food and asked for where I could maybe sleep?
A big police guy came over, and he got to deal with me. He basically put me in a taxi to Chefchouan with Arlette on top of the roof! I represented possible problems, so I was send off. I didn’t have any say in the matter.
I’m Trying to go with the flow but I feel cut of my freedom to move..
Thinking of a plan.. after 2 days of walk I’m already at a standstill…
I’ll be here.. It looks absolutely magical though cold. Everything is blue…
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March 2023

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