Chefchaouen, Morocco

Day 239, 4-3-‘23, 5.1km walked in beautiful labyrinth took Chefchaouen,
I visited the Kasbah, with a prison with the chains still there… together with a German Girl staying at the same hostel. A fire show by Carlos from Mexico the night before( and music), visiting my young friends in the square, my tea man, the painter (with his chickens) and the best sweetsop in the smaller square.
Even without knowing what my next step would be, it turned out to be a lovely day!
I made a second piece on the rooftop terrace, with stuff I’ve found since Tetouan!
In the evening I went out with the idea of finding options of what to do next.
I did! Several options, it confused me a great deal, both lovely men proposing me travel options but said at the same time not to trust anyone.
It was like putting a magnet on a computer! It confused me a lot, so I decided to have a nice ( end of) evening on the rooftop and then bed, pack in the morning and see both these guys and then decide. I phoned my Vincent and my friend Laurent (who is in the south of Morocco)
And felt confident the answer to my where and how next question would be there.
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March 2023

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