Day 244, 2/2, 9-3-23, 11,5km walked in Meknès, I’ve taken sooo many pictures again! So much to see so much wonderment, people saying Bonjour ou Ça va? Salam.
It is a very lively city, the roads in the medina are the widest I’ve seen so far, but some very narrow ones too!
I saw some brilliant crafts people, a craft that is from here where they work silver thread into metal plates, very pretty.
I also saw performing monkeys and snakes, yuk. Horses and carts, these horses didn’t look very happy either..
I found myself a massage It was very good but it didn’t quite solve the pain in my shoulder/back. So I’m staying a bit more in Meknès, with Clara the German girl I met during the 8 march women’s party! Same age as my daughter and very lovely!
After the massage (by Sanaa with lots of oil, amazing shower after) I walked back and got very lost in the medina,
Found some very good coffee, visited the museum of Meknès which was a pile of dust really… pity
When I got back to the hostel I did some work with some of the inspiring stuff I found or got given, I have 3-4 pieces on the go, very much enjoying the process!
Had dinner with Erica and Clara, couscous with vegetables and Ramadan sweets after 10 Dirham pour 500gr!! (€0.95). Erica is an Italian woman who just spend 6 months in Casablanca at the university researching something called Critical mapping, very interesting. She worked with unmarried mothers.
She passed me some contacts in Fez and Marrakesh and Casablanca if I want. But Casablanca is too big!
So 2 posts same text
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March 2023

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