Medina de Fez

Day 249, 12-3-23, 25 km walked from Sabaa aiyoun to M’haya a small place along the road from where I took the bus to Fez.
What an amazing experience was that!!
The night before Khadija took me to her Tent on the area that was going to be the Souk, a little of the road. There was nothing but a large area with dried up mud, no light except the moon and just 2 tentshaped structures.
When I finally got out of bed at 7.30, Khadija had been baking pancakes for hours, and when the tent was opened the empty field had disappeared, instead there were sheep (tied together by their heads!) cars, trucks, men and so many stalls selling all sorts of stuff!
I bought a new hat! I did some stitching and left at 12.30.
They’ve invited me to their house but I will see.
So I walked along the road mostly, it was very hot! 28-29 degrees.
Then took a bus to Fez for the remaining 25 km. Found a hostel, went for something to eat with 2 young men I met there.
I’m on the rooftop now looking at Fez medina, It is splendid, to discover soon! I found some very interesting stuff to work with, I might have a look at that too
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March 2023

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