Marrakech Medina, Morocco

Day 270, 2-4-23, 14,6km walked, Day 271 3-4-23, 8,5km walked still in Marrakech,
Sunday I walked Theo to the place for him to hitchhike to the waterfalls, and then wandered around, finished one piece ( with the brush I found in Ouazzane) emotionally not to bad a day.
Monday I wanted to visit a museum only to find it closed.. That’s why I’m staying one more day.. Emotionally very low, very sad, feeling empty and as if in a time vacuum. I talked my friend Clara (who I met in Meknes) and my Brother, and felt better after that!
I finished 2 more pieces and a 3rd almost. I’ll have quite some pieces for my exhibition in Tetouan at the end of the month ❤️. ‘Space in the chaos’ (plastic, brush, agave silk, red square etc)
‘Lines’ (straw hat, plastic bags, bandage, teabag, embroidery thread)
‘Bird’ (silver coloured bag, closing strips wrapping, rusty scouring metal, shoelace).
I’m looking forward to walking again, but no pressure! If it doesn’t work It’s fine!
It’s not a competition, walking home, is about being home in me on this 🌎, in my heart on this road called life.
And at night Theo got back! ( but he’s left again).
What a journey! I feel very lucky to be on this turning planet!
Although it’s difficult here in this touristy place, all the shopkeepers trying to get you involved in this spending consumer thing, and all those people that think their right to holidays is more important than the world, all the leather and badly treated animals, the difference between rich and poor, the position of women here. I can’t change it by my self. But I can change my part in it. No more flying, no abuse of animals (vegan), as little use of plastic as possible.
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April 2023

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