Cabinet Médical Ourika

Day 273, 5-4-23, 28km walked from Marrakesh direction Ourika waterfalls.
I wanted to get up really early that didn’t quite work out but I left the hostel ‘Ben dar youssef’ by 8,30 found a coffee and crossed Marrakesh and into the countryside until I hit a road, I wanted to hitchhike but it didn’t work… so I walked until I asked for a place to sleep, a young man spotted me and send his uncle to pick me up! He said come to our house, I met the whole family and they offered me tea and food, It was very funny, Wallis a 7 year old boy laughed and laughed, saying ça va? Ça va?
The mother her sister and the grandmother, young boys, (cousins and sons). The women asked lots of questions, travelling alone? Children? Husband? I hope they understand a little..
I met shepards and some very annoying children asking for money…
Touching my stuff.. difficult to deal with, the first time I got annoyed, the second time I said why with my hands and managed to ignore them.
It was good to walk again! The last walking day was 20th of march! Then I was ill, and then Marrakesh by bus, home for mama’s funeral. After zo came back I gave myself time to just be on one spot!
28 km is a bit much though..
Luckily it didn’t rain, nor was it too hot!
Mohamad took me to the café, I am the only woman…
There is the usual football on tv…
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April 2023

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