Restaurant De La Vallée

Day 274, 6-4-23, 11,5 km walked.
From there where I was until the waterfalls of Ourika, but not all on foot… (32km was a bit too far anyway)
I walked about 6km when I came into a small town and I came past the bus stop where a young man asked if I wanted to go to the waterfalls? After my affirmative answer he said come with me! Arlette got hoisted on the roof and for a bit longer than half an hour I got to experience a local bus ride! Such an adventure! In a bus like that in Europe a maximum of 8 plus the driver are allowed, not so in this one!! I counted about 30 people, men children and women. And the views were spectacular!
Yesterday night Mohamad took me to his local café by car and he took me back on a scooter! Adventure! Sitting on the back trying not to touch him! Haha The mama of the house took good care of me. Talking in Berber of which I understood nothing! Hahaha
This morning I wanted to leave early, she insisted on feeding me, again.
Morocco is so friendly and hospitable!
When I got to the waterfalls I left Arlette with a restaurant (after coffee and fresh orange juice) and I climbed up! How beautiful!! I cried with the waterfall…
And I decided to stay here, found myself a cheap place to stay and I’ll leave early.
I’m still very tired! So sleep it is!!
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April 2023

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