Tnin Ourika

Day 275, 7-4-23, exactly 9 months since I set off on this epic journey! 28,7km walked from the waterfalls of Ourika (Sitti Fadma) to Tnine Ourika. And what a magnificent day it was! I took too many pictures again, I’ll choose the 10 that reflect the day best!
I’m in a hotel and it’s raining very hard! With thunder. The earth is very red here and turns the ground into claylike mud!
I got out on the road at 8 this morning, and walked between the mountains, so amazing, behind me snow topped atlas.
I had tea in one of the many riverside restaurants, and lunch at Mohamad rug and carpet shop. There were lots of potters and basket shops along the road,
I stopped to use the toilet at a fancier place, when it started raining. So I sat down and worked a bit on a piece until it stopped. It’s not finished yet.. I’ll share as soon as it is!
At about 5, I started asking where I could sleep, and got directed here. Another hour walk!
At first I thought it was closed, but it turned out to be open after all. Oufff!
I walked further then intended, and feel my knees! But So happy to be walking again, I’ll continue tomorrow! But, open to surprises and different plans always!
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April 2023

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