Day 276, 8-4-23, 28,5 km walked from Tnine Ourika to Asni.
I got up early and out by 8 again!
And headed out along the big road but there is a motorway not so far away so It wasn’t that busy. Except for the scooters carrying all sorts of crazy stuff ( I should get some pictures), schooltransport tourists ( later in the day) and local traffic.
It was cloudy all day but no rain until nighttime. Hassan took me along about 5km in his tiny suzuki van with Arlette on top.
Stopped at a women cooperative that makes argane oil, had some tea and bread. Lovely women!
There were some really winding roads, and it was beautiful!
The last 5km were a stretch! When I got to the youth hostel in Asni, I asked if I could cook and they said yes so I rushed to the souk to get some vegetables only to realise they must have misunderstood me, no kitchen!
So very hungry and headache for lack of coffee I ran out again. Nobody on the streets any more… every one inside for iftar ( breaking the fast). In the coffee shop of Habib I got invited for food and I had some coffee too!
Today is Easter, but not here…
I’ll pack and see what is next! #easter
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April 2023

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