Amter, Chaouen, Morocco

Day 310, 12-5-23, 24,5 km walked
From the tea hut near Bin Bousra to Amtar, I was walking all day with this place as a goal as it was the first café, but when I got here it was closed.. so I went into the town to have a coffee, and sat down next to Sadiq, who as it turned out was the owner of the café I’d walked towards all day! He invited me to it up my tent in his beautiful garden ( but has offered me a bed in the house instead) serendipity at work again!
I got up very early again and was walking by 6! It didn’t heat up as much as yesterday because of clouds but still…
I met a bus load of football players who all wanted to take selfies with me! Hahaha
And I saw women working, harvesting wheat from the most vertical fields I have ever seen, with donkeys. Incredible!
They then put it in beautiful stacks and bushels!
Up and down the road went, there are no tourists but there ought to be! It is sooo amazing here!
A young woman with goats came sliding down the hill to ask me for money.. I really find that awkward, I don’t want to do that really.
A man offered to take my picture with his donkey, but he hadn’t done that before I think!
I had a good scrub under the shower (bucket) and tomorrow I’ll leave when Sadiq leaves for morning prayer,
So I can get some km’s done!
Thanks for the suggestions for the continuation of my walk, I still have time and I’m sure it’ll be clear soon!
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May 2023

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