Piana degli Albanesi

Day 439, 19-9-‘23, 13 km walked, what a day again!
I woke up with cars whizzing by, every time it made my tent shake, I left just before 9 and couldn’t really get going really had frequent breaks. I’m perpetually learning to let go of goals and pressure, which is good!
After one of those breaks I came by a fence where a lady called me over, aqua?
She endend up inviting me in, giving me water, ice tea coffee and fruit! So sweet, Grazie Mima and Nicola!
Their son contacted me later, he lives in Denmark!
I continued and then it really became nearly impossible! Soon after leaving them I had to take a left into the hills along a really really difficult path! With rocks and dug out tracks from rain I guess, this in 32 degrees! I found some shade and took a break! Spend talking to a chat function of Bol.com to be able to download a book Marion had suggested. Another exercise in Patience! I dislike digital chats, you have to repeat and repeat the same answers to questions, I solved it though, finally!
The track got even worse after that, my sons were encouraging me over WhatsApp! It did help ❤️
it took me an hour to do about half a kilometre! So once up I decided to call it a day!
I talked to Vincent and cooked some lovely pasta, enough for breakfast and lunch tomorrow too!
Packed everything up again and saw a fox checking me out!
Now I hear just the crickets
I feel proud of myself ❤️ for taking it easy ❤️ tomorrow will be easier ( I hope)!
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September 2023

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