Porto Empedocle

Day 446, 26-9-‘23, 23,6 km from Montallegro to Porto Empedocle to a campsite (where I met some lovely young women, nice to be able to talk a bit)
My GPS suggested a route which contained a lot of along the road walking, which I like to avoid and happy to say that I managed to do that!
It means more up and down but definitely prefer that!
It rained a little bit so I had lunch under a big bridge.
I had a little encounter with a man who enjoyed being watched while he peed…
I didn’t of course but When I told him I wasn’t interested to talk with him as he drove alongside me in his van, he didn’t seem to understand… oh well he did finally drive off.
I started a new book by Sunny Bergman about her search into the past, and her Nazi grandfather, and what effect it had on her. What emotional baggage she was carrying round because of that. (her grandmother was raped by a Nazi in Germany where she was working as a maid). I enjoyed her honest look at herself and the past of her family.
So glad I can read on my phone!
Oh and I finally tried the Sicilian specialty
Granita which is ice lemon and Sugar!
OMG too sweet, too cold! I prefer sorbet I think! (the shop people said none of their gelato was vegan, but I doubt that)
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September 2023

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