Day 456, 6-10-‘23, 17.1 km walked.
From a bit outside Ragusa to past Modica, It was only about 10 km to Modica but the track that I had chosen was very rocky, steep and difficult, plus my tent was soaked from the morning dew as I was in a spot the sun couldn’t reach, so I had to stop to dry it.
Somehow I got in a downward thinking spiral, feeling useless and mourning the loss of my job(s)
I spend more than a year dealing with cancer and thanking it for helping me grow and releasing it again ( it left thanks to chemo and all that work) and whilst I was in recovery, COVID hit and after that
I lost both my jobs as a Clown in hospital and for people with dementia, which I totally loved, I took it in my stride and started planning my walk. But yesterday I mourned the loss of that work, worrying about the future and how I am to make a living, feeling useless, is my Art recognised enough, I lost my clown work I must have been crap. Total downward spiral. I felt very down, all I can do is walk (I know I am neither my job nor my feelings, but I let myself be carried away)
It was only when I reached Modica with it’s excess of baroque Churches, and friendly people, I could let go.
I had some lovely food (and the lovely lady only charged me €5!!)
Modica is also on the Enesco list, pretty, but totally over the top, how many churches does one small town need??
I walked out in the dark until I found a place to set up my tent behind an abandoned unfinished apartment and talked to my love, he makes me laugh and I’ll see him at the end of the month!
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October 2023

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