Day 461, 11-10-‘23, 28,3 km walked
From the agrotourisme to Noto.
What an eventful day again!
From being refused to enter a nature reserve at the coast by this very unhelpful man, who could only say ‘problem’, oh well.
To visiting Villa Romana del Tellero, a Roman village that they found under an abandoned farm in the end of the 18th century because of black market sales!
They found amazingly beautiful tile floors, a pity they didn’t sell postcards!
Later there was a blocked secondary road, that I managed to get onto anyway,
Then a long stretch along the road, finally some coffee at a place where they just had a new coffee machine installed, tested and yes! Good coffee!
I got to Noto at 17.30 and thought to take the train out of there to Syracuse at 21.00 so I left Arlette at the station.
The town is amazing! So many churches and beautiful buildings, I decided to stay a bit longer! Found vegan icecream! Yum pistachio!! Pizza and more icecream!
When I got back to Arlette some boys had emptied out her contents! They must have been so disappointed finding my collection of rubbish!
Nothing apart from a powerbank and some cables were missing..
And my muesli was all over the floor.
What a mess! Mixed in with all my found objects! (glad that my finished piece and almost finished work was safely in my rucksack!)
I stayed calm and packed everything up again.
And went behind to a spot near the station and put up my tent.
I slept by 22.00 I think,
So to find myself some muesli and a new powerbank, but that was on the list already because it didn’t hold much power anymore.
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October 2023

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