Etna Vulcano

Day 470, 20-10-23, more pictures/video same post.
28,5km walked but most of the were on horseback so Iā€™m not sure how to count them. (15 counted)
So I got a chance to visit around the etna on a horse so I went! It was really a bit over my budget and I felt a bit ambiguous about being vegan and using an animal like that but It presented itself and I thought I should go. So I did, I went with Valerie and Orizo the guide.
The landscape we came through was extraordinary, moonlike with all the lava in different shades of black and gray.
We went to a beautifully situated Newley opened restaurant/hotel where we had lunch. And there my horse Fouad, who had been tugging to eat leaves and foliages all along, he went into a gallop and me being an inexperienced rider, got thrown off when he went straight for a tree! I badly hurt myself as a hit the tree full on my thigh. A big big lump/bruise and shock!
I cried and shook over lunch but somehow managed to get back on, but then when we went down this slope I panicked. The rest of the ride Orizo lead my horse by the rope and I had to just hold on to the horse.
So taking it a bit easier for a few days.
The evening we watched a documentary about Zappa in Sicily, his grandfather was from here, and he did a show here in ā€˜82
Very interesting to watch it here in Sicily!
( I love Zappa)
I put lots of arnica on my leg and slept well, and this morning it is a little better.
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October 2023

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