Taormina, Sicily

Day 476, 26-10-23, 9,6 km walked
After my terrible night I had breakfast with Jack and Ethea next to their van packed up and left Arlette in the car park and climbed back up to see the Greek/ Roman theatre, it truest was amazing! With the backdrop of the sea!!!
After that I went down, Taormina is just too touristy with all these big brand shops and it has a very un authentic feel about it. Collected Arlette and started walking but after that broken night with the local youths giggling and smoking next to my bed, I was so tired so I turned around and caught a train! To Messina
Tried to book a place to catch up on some sleep but all the cheaper places were further out of Messina. I decided to just go to a hotel / B&B and find something.
I ended up going to this one place/ decided it was too expensive, only to go back and the guy telling me he had no room after all ( I think he saw Arlette..)
I went back online and managed to book there anyway! (And cheaper)
He was grumpy but I said si’s carry Arlette up the stairs and not to worry, haha he helped me any way!
I’m taking some time to rest/work/wash and sleep!
I’m proud of myself to let go of pressure to walk! Let my leg heal a bit more (after falling of the horse last Saturday s as nd hitting a tree).
I’m crossing to the mainland Saturday and there I’ll see Vincent!!
Yay ❤️❤️❤️
Here’s some pictures of Taormina

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October 2023

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