Barritteri Di Seminara

Day 482, 1-11-23, 15,8 km walked from Bagnara Calabra to near Barritteri, ‘all saints’ so a holiday and a lot of visitors to churches and grave yards. And flower businesses did well!
we got ripped off by a local lady that sold us pickled veg and mushrooms for too much money , oh well rather by her than a supermarket or bank, at least they tasted rather good.
We met a lot of people, stopped to talk with a lot of them. There was a lot of climbing, and the views were spectacular! Stromboli in the distance!
There seems to be a lot of difference in the upkeep of the houses, some of them are all done up, others falling apart.
A lot of poverty, and lot of rubbish everywhere again! We even saw a car throw out a bag of rubbish into the bushes at the side of the road!!
Where is ‘away’ in throwing away!?!?
We found a camper parking with facilities so we stopped early, Vincent cooked, and I tested putting up the new tent by myself, and on the perfect conditions I was fine (but like the past 2 nights in the sand it would be more difficult!)
To sleep early again and hopefully it is dry tomorrow, (there was a bit of rain today and tonight)
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November 2023

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