Praia a Mare

Day 495, 13-11-23, 30km walked!
From Cirella to Praia a Mare, I haven’t any internet so I’ll post this as soon as I do.
What a long day! I got going after 2 coffees offered by Thekla, the lady of the campsite/ park up place, (one in many one after the other but most of them closed) and I had walked 12,5km by 12!
I talked to Vincent and other friends on the phone, (it was flat so easily done).
Then I got to Scalea the up hill began, I should have gone for lunch there but I thought it to early
Later I met Jo a lovely lady from South Africa she invited me over for tea and biscuits ( Hob nobs!) She lived in one of many very ugly 80’s holiday homes made of concrete (she said so her self, so she won’t mind me saying) with her 2 dogs while her husband was working in Zimbabwe. Thank you Jo it was lovely to meet you!
I continued direction San Nicola Arcella, where I thought I could have lunch so I left the ss18 ( that I had just rejoined)
But that was a big mistake!
First I stumbled and fell! Grazed my knees and got very mucky but not hurt!!
And all restaurants were closed, Monday off-season, and the road plummeted down towards the sea, while the ss18 was high above me! I don’t regret it as the views were spectacular, I had a sandwich, bananas and rice crackers instead
And managed to join the road again until I got to Praia a mare where It got dark, I thought I’ll go for some food here, a very long beach town very lively with locals on a square that reminded me of the rambles in Spain, but nothing vegan to be found! Only pre-prepared non vegan pizza’s so ended up buying some burgers and buns in a supermarket and eating those in the tent on the beach where I ended up!
Such a long day!! (78km in 3 days!!!)
My next stop isn’t that far though! And Still looking
Do I know anybody that knows anybody in Napoli? I’d love to stay a few days and work a bit on my art / or exchange/ or anything like that beginning of December, let me know
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November 2023

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