Day 496, 14-11-23, 27,3km from Praia a mare to cersuta,
What adventures again! It was supposedly only going to be 17 km to Maratea but then I found that my beloved ss18 was closed, I thought I’ll try via the beach and though I can tell my gos to avoid stairs it doesn’t consider rocks and mountain paths to be a problem! Hahaha So I followed the path that went via the beach ( through deep puddles) but I couldn’t go up onto the rocky path, let alone Arlette la charette! She already had a strong dislike for the grey sand! So I turned around and tried to join the ss18 to see if I could sneak past being on foot, but no, total block!
And the way around would be 40 km! So I decided to walk back! ( shock and horror!) to the train station and catch a train past the road block and a little further because of all the km already done. I left Arlette at a cafe and went up to visit the town of Maratea, known for the highest sculpture of Italy, a Jesus figure erected in the sixties, but He had his om head in the clouds so I couldn’t see it so well. I ran against the clock as the night was falling, a pretty little town.
But what I loved most were the views and the light of the sun setting in the sea and the clouds, I cried.
I got back to Arlette and walked to a parking I’d found on Park4night (the second one) and set up tent using my elastics and imagination
I slept well, dreamt of doing impro theatre.
I’ll walk today but definitely not that much!
Different Ideas from different people, I’m confident that in Napoli I’ll find somebody/ somewhere, also looking for in Rome End January ( I want to cross on foot) so I might need several places!
Do I know anybody that knows anybody in Napoli? I’d love to stay a few days and work a bit on my art / or exchange/ or anything like that beginning of December, let me know
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November 2023

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