Day 501, 19-11-23, 22.5 km walked, from Piciotta to a field just past Ascea( I should have worn a Levi’s 501)
I woke up to early for breakfast in the hotel! So I left without! (It was 8!) and had coffee in Marina Piciotta, a lovely beach village waking up to Sunday morning, the cafe offered me coffee when they heard my story, my Italian is getting a little better! And then had muesli on the pebbled beach!
I went up and down a lot yesterday 15 / 20 degrees, very steep not so easy!
I was talking to Vincent’s aunt On the phone when I met some travelling Belgians in their Mobil home, they’d cycled to Cambodia! Lovely people! Luc and Mayke Nice to meet you!
It took a while to find a place to camp but then I found a place between the trees in a field. So I better get up and get going

Still nothing definite in Napoli sooo
Do I know anybody that knows anybody in Napoli? I’d love to stay a few days and work a bit on my art / or exchange/ or anything like that beginning of December, let me know.
And also looking for in Rome at the end of January ( I want to cross on foot) so I might need several places!
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November 2023

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