Day 509, 27-11-23, 24.6 km walked plus 4 stops on the train. Walked From Sant Egidio al Monte albino ( Via Angri) to Castellamare and then to Vico equense where I took the train to Sorrento
And there I booked a Hostel (really more like a big Hotel that also does shared rooms, but I’m alone in a room)
I woke up in the orchard from a car delivering a lot of men! So I quickly packed and dressed before I stuck out my head and discovered about 8 Pakistani an Albanians sitting around a fire getting ready to start picking the fruit laden trees! They were very friendly and hid their surprise at seeing me there quite well!
At 4 I also got woken by a barking dog but I think he was chasing something, I just kept very still and It went away!
I was doubting so much about wether to go here (Sorento) so much! But I met a nice Canadian man on the train that I went for pizza with and that was great, so
Glad I did. And also it was raining all night again!)
Tonight I want to be at the door of Pompei so I can visit there!
I saw A rainbow! Arcobalena!
(Might do some train again).

Napoli is starting to sort itself out but
Do I know anybody that knows anybody in Rome I’d love to stay a while and work a bit on my art / or exchange/ or anything like that, at the end of January
(I want to cross on foot) so I might need several places!
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November 2023

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