Day 575, 1-2-24, 19.2 km walked from Campagnano di Roma to Calcata Vechhia.
What a day what a day again!
I got up early and did some sticking stuff into my diary (I should really spend less time on social media and write stuff down, but between walking and writing choosing pictures for insta/FB, making art: sorting out my found stuff…it really is a fulltime job or several!)
Aaah different people tell me I should write a book or do a film about my walk, but really I just want to be in the here and now and be with what is happening, most of it is unfilmable anyway!
After I packed up and went out I had a look around the town I had landed in, a beautiful old town! After coffee zo walked through and zig zagged down at the back into the most gorgeous scenery a frosty valley with mist floating up out of is with the sun shining down on it, sooo amazing ( it had my tearing up with joy that I get to be here now in this beautiful landscape (glad I was sleeping inside).
I took my time because the GPS told me ‘only’ 14 km.
I walked to the Cascata di monte gelato (where I phoned my daughter, always a treat). And met a fellow Walker! Nice, he was going the other way).
And 2 lovely ladies (mother and daughter) that when I saw them again, after finding out that the hiking path to Calcata was in fact closed and I had to make a detour, invited me to have some food with them at this restaurant that must be very busy in the high season! Such good food! Grilled veg and pasta with red cabbage and pistachios! Yummm Gracie Antonella & Damiena.
And then some more glorious landscape, some thrashing through the brambles, some ferocious up hill, some brace yourself downhill, some exquisite views, ending in a most probably beautiful walk along the river (I heard it) in the pitch black (with my torch)
And the last bit along a tight two lane road… I got to Calcata, I’m staying a day tomorrow so pictures of here tomorrow ( medieval old place!
And now for to choose 10 pictures!!!
Remember the days you went on holiday and took 36 pictures in 3 weeks! Aaah

February 2024

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