Day 579, 5-2-24,11,9 km walked from Sutri to near Capranica. I didn’t leave until 11 because Edna’s house didn’t get into action til late, her son wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t go to school. And when I did leave the dog came with me!
He didn’t want to go back!! It got really dangerous when I walked along the road!
To make it even more fun, he rubbed himself into dead sheep! And while I was waiting for Edna to come and get him I got covered in that stench aswell!
Why do dogs do that? It’s the second one I see do that, disgusting!
I walked back to Sutri, to see the town and cathedral, Sutri was very quiet on a Monday morning, I missed the carnival (confetti everywhere)
And to get back to the Via Franchegina, I choose a particular difficult stretch for me and Arlette!
At one point there were 2 rocks very close I had to lift her over, (after taking out all the weight) and there were ‘stairs’ of roots that took some real struggle! It was a complete workout.
At the end of the day just before it got dark I met 3 young hikers going the other way, and a lovely lady with her dog,
She offered me a bed in her house nearby!
So wonderful!
I had a shower and lovely food and slept in an old children’s room
Thank you Cecilia and a Paolo for welcoming me in your house!
And I found a place to stay for tonight!

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February 2024

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