Day 587, 13-2-24, 21,3 km walked from Bolsena to Aquapendente.
I only woke at 8 in that dark room at the nunnery and I couldn’t get any speed.. by 16.00 I’d only done about 12 km!
I followed the path (via Francigena) up up up and got treated to some amazing views, At San Lorenzo Nuovo I ran into a young Pellegrino from France, who’s moving to Brussels in March so I’ll see him again!
That is a nice thing of walking a path, you meet fellow walkers! Most are going towards Rome ( or maybe I just don’t meet the others!)
After watching some kids enjoying carnaval over a cup of tea I sped up to get to Aquapendente, I decided to get a bed as I am on a pellegrino Path and there should be hostels, as it turned out they are all still closed… so I got a hotel room at reduced price.
I just missed the Carnaval party in Aquapendente too… the piazza was covered in confetti.
The next stretch is quite long I’ll see how far I get, it is colder again
I had a lovely moment with my family, because of carnaval there was a cam on the Market in Oeteldonk so they came and waved… sooo lovely ❤️🤍💛
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February 2024

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