Day 589, 15-2-24, 17,5 km walked. From next to that industrial site to Bagni San Filippo. I had a late start because it was so cold, put my feet in the river at the first chance I got getting close to it, and then walked towards a closure of the road, a workman stopped to tell me I couldn’t go through, but just as I got to it a cyclist came out, I stopped him to ask if there was any problems to proceed, He was from Taiwan so he f de isn’t speak English very well but he showed me on his phone! So that’ was a decision made, a little bit longer route but about 7 km of road all to myself , I met one man that seemed to be sweeping the road, very absurd, and a tunnel without light but with my torch it was fine.
Just before that I found a cafe and I had an early lunch and a coffee
I made it to the Thermal baths before dark
Oh so lovely to sit in the warm water!
A friendly man I’d met earlier showed me a spot where I could put my tent, there’s even a toilet!
And a lot less cold then last night,
So I hope to be walking a bit earlier.
No chance of a coffee here…

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February 2024

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