Day 602, 28-2-24, 17.2 km walked from Gambassi terme towards Roberto’s
The day started rainy again so when I went for a coffee I asked if they might have a spare umbrella which they did, so I now own an umbrella with cute dogs on it! Hahaha
I walked along the road until I turned onto a path, had lunch at a big bench ( this is the 3rd one I came across, literally a very big bench with an amazing view!
I left Arlette at the bottom because it was very steep and verrry muddy!
By this time it got quite sunny
Not long after that I had to go along a path, and I should have put my rain gear back on because of the mud, but I didn’t. On a climb I fell flat on my face! Covered in mud! And the worst of it I hurt my shoulder quite badly. I made it of that slippery track and continued walking.
At about 17.00 y gps said it was another 12.5 km about 6 more along a road but then more back roads. And with my sore shoulder I thought maybe I’ll ask Roberto to come pick me up.
He did! Turns out I was a lot further away and there must have been a confusion with the address, we did about 30km by car! Oh well I’ll hang out here at his amazing house for a bit rest up my shoulder and see where I’ll go next!
I had an amazing shower, arnica on y shoulder. And then dinner with Roberto and the neighbours Veronica and Perry.
Life is good.
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March 2024

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