Day 605, 2-3-24, 3.5 km walked around the house and in Marina Di Pisa,
Finished 2 more works:
‘These shoes are wings’
Upper part of shoe, cardboard, flower, ring belt and thread.
Playing with blue and orange
Umbrella/ sail sewn onto cardboard
(These are adoptable so I can keep walking, contact me)
I the Afternoon we went to a book presentation in Marina Di Pisa
A Friend of Rufino sailed around the world and did his clown show wherever he could. I went quickly to say goodbye to the sea, as I am crossing over to the other side of Italy soon. After the bookshop closed we all went to a ‘Circolo’ a clubhouse of sorts. I met some great people
And then 14 of us went to Felix’s house for Pizza! Fun
I have decided to take the lift to Firenze today and after a few days attempt to walk the path of the gods to Bologna
(Unless I find out it is too difficult with Arlette)
I always feel like I’m cheating when I take a lift or a train but I has been good to take some rest for my shoulder (that I hurt badly the other day falling flat on my face in the mud)
And I make the rules do I can’t chameat now can I?
Thanks Roberto /Rufino for having me over and letting me play on your tiny sewing machine!
And thanks to all my art adopting sponsors for making this all possible!
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March 2024

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