Day 627, 24-3-24, 20,5 km walked from that vineyard near Conselve to Padova
( in a park)
I left early, was walking by 7.45! I’m sooo glad the days are getting longer!)
I walked to the road and from there it was one small place next to the other with a footpath all the way. I took it easy
Lots of stops for coffee and tea
( strange phenomenon, a lot of these coffee places have been taken over by Chinese people, just like in Spain. They leave everything the same, serve the same stuff and people, it must to be so lonely) I treated myself to lunch for Palm Sunday at an Italian run place, a plate full of grilled veg with lovely olive oil yummm
a short spell of rain and wind..
When I came into Padua I was looking for spark I came across a squatted place, I went in to see if I could camp there but due to liability I couldn’t, I understand.
But I met some lovely women and there was Iftar so I enjoyed that!
It made me think of Morocco last year!
I received some lovely affirmitive messages after my message of doubts
Thanks, I’m sure I’ll be alright after I get back, but first walk home!

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March 2024

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