Day 642, 8-4-24, 16,5 km walked from Palmanova to Crauglio
It was still early but I found the perfect spot so I stopped! Sometimes writing in the morning makes me forget about stuff, and yet, the things that make this walk so incredibly wonderful are the people. The cafe I walk into where somebody will ask me what I’m doing and offer me my coffee! And yesterday the woman in her garden with her grandson that calls me over, I tell her my story and that everywhere I meet good people, upon which she says none of the people want war, we are all just people doing our thing.
And than yesterday I met a man who found 2 four leaved clovers, he gave one to me! Wishing each other it would bring good fortune. Of course I don’t take pictures of the moments and people but they are truly the best.
Palmanova was an interesting place too and it was a market day! I explored a little and left at 12.30
It has 9 points and 3 major gates where only one car at the time can enter/ exit ( with an interior space between two gates)
It was build as a utopian experiment a fort against the Austrian an Ottoman reigns.
On I go. Out of snail land!
Oh and a friend send me a picture of me that she found in a book! Me at Greenham common! Nearly 40 years ago! #throwbacktuesday
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April 2024

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