Day 664, 30-4-24, 26.4 km walked from Slovenia Bistrica to Maribor.
I got up early and was walking by 8!
Walking walking walking! Mostly along the 430 the old road From Ljubliana to Maribor, most of the time a foot or bicycle path along it. I wanted to be in Maribor for the 1st of may to see celebrations here but apparently they were mostly in the villages around on the 30th. It goes to show I mustn’t plan especially not on presumptions!
I had a good day, the sun was shining! But more than 26 km 2 days in a row is a bit much!
I had lunch in a field while chatting with my daughter! Oh I love her so much! We giggle and laugh a lot!
I got to Maribor at 6 and went to a cafe near the place I was staying at a friend of a friend of a friend! Thanks to all concerned! She was still busy so I waited, and got offered an alcohol free beer, and got talking to some nice men!
Oh I forgot to mention meeting a Turkish YouTuber that started filming himself with Arlette and me, without knowing my story! Great guy,I later found out via instagram! ( I’ll share link later)
Went to mojca’s house, cooked while she went away again, had a bath!!
Thanks Mojka for offering me a bed!
Later I’m changing address again
I’ll just go with the flow!
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May 2024

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