Day 697, 2-6-24, 21,6 km walked from Rynárec to praslavice.
Drizzle a lot of the day, a nap in the sunshine after lunch and then soaked shoes torrential rain later. In the Czech republic the bus stops often have a little house so I looked at the map and I saw I was near a village with a bus stop, so I ran for it.
I sat there dripping and changed shoes!
These shoes were supposed to be watertight but when the water just runs into them… well I guess they aren’t, grateful for dry shoes!
Then I got invited into a house for tea ( a beautiful old farm house, with a tile stove, (no pictures) lovely people!
And I got invited in on the other side of the square too!
But then on to do more km!
Still some more drizzle but not too bad
I found a spot to camp near a fish pond, where the fish were jumping!
Some men came to check on me but left me in peace, so I shouldn’t stay too long.
Breakfast and packing up again and hoping for a dry day!
I have some leads but nothing definite yet so; do I know anybody that knows anybody in Prague? Artists or cultural places where I might stay or hang out? (I can pay some, it’s just I prefer to have some exchange? I arrive 7-8 June
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June 2024

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