Day 698, 3-6-24, 19.4 km walked from pralavice next to the fishpond to magic in Slavetin.
It was a long slow day, walking was like having double sided sticky tape paper to the bottom of my shoes, My number count just wouldn’t budge with slow up and downs!
In the end of the day I was really getting tired, the road narrow and on both side a ditch and a wheat field…
I approached a village and said, something will happen here or just after,
And then I saw Tomas and nela skating I watched and applauded, they asked what I was doing, a little later I sat inside and had a place to sleep for the night,
2 brothers have this farm building that needs a lot of work but is so perfect,
I felt so privileged and humbled again!
This is really what I have learned this journey, to trust that everything is alright
Not to give way to fear or worry, because that is such a waste of energy!
And then the most beautiful stuff happens! ❤️ thanks Tomas and Frank!

I have some leads but one night definite yet so; do I know anybody that knows anybody in Prague? Artists or cultural places where I might stay or hang out? (I can pay some, it’s just I prefer to have some exchange? I arrive 7-8 June
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June 2024

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