Day 717, 22-6-24, 22.9 km walked from Terezin along the Labe/Elbe until Sebuzin.
I had breakfast with Gilles, muesli in my mug, and I forgot my mug on the table when I left, I only noticed when I was already too far to go back and get it..
I visited to Terezin Museum, which was really impressive again!
In 1943 the Nazi’s made like a model village for the Jewish people and invited the Red Cross to come have a look, they were fooled into believing, the Jewish people had a good place.
They’d build shops and sports facilities, and there was even a film made ( it was lost and found only in parts).
In the 2 weeks after that day all of the Jewish people were put onto transport to Auschwitz… and other camps.
So horrible, I add a picture from Gaza, because I don’t see much difference.
We are all one people, why kill each other?
I walked on through a lovely little town Litomeřice, and then on and on along the river
It was Saturday so many cyclists, and pivo drinking along the path
I was heading for a campsite but it didn’t exist!!
But I found some fishing men who said Zi could camp there, Was in bed late, slept without outer cover of the tent hoping I’d see the full moon but I didn’t..
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June 2024

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