About the walking home project

Me with Arlette La charette

I’m leaving Brussels on the 7-7-22 and my intention is to walk for at least 2 years, first direction France, Spain and Portugal and then further Marocco, Algeria,Tunisia and then through Sicily back up Italy to walk the Italian path. After which I will decide to continue further east or walk back. (if that is all possible!)

As an artist and a clown, play, communication/contact, being open to possibilities is very important to me.

When Iooking at the state of the world and what we are doing to it, I used to say ‘that makes me sick’ and then I did get sick! So I’ve stopped saying that!

The cancer that came to me was received in love and let go of in love too, It might sound strange but I am very grateful, it has taught me to no longer hold on to things I don’t need.

I have healed completely with the help of chemo and other treatments.

I realised I want to see the world and I’d like to see it up close!

At the same time I want to diminish my ecological imprint onto the world, our home, so I gave up flying, I am a vegan, I buy secondhand (when at all possible and really need something). I try to avoid single use plastic. Also I pick up rubbish when I see it lying around.

To get a basic income for my walk I’ve been putting up pieces of art for adoption, and a lot of people are helping me to make my dream come true!

In my textile work I’ve really discovered the letting go of jugmental voices in my head, I’ve learned to create from the open state that is close to clowning, from a curiousity, an open mind with what I’ve found under my hands. I trust that this project will be similar and will lead me to beautiful places, beautiful encounters with lots of learning!

I would like to visit Artists, craftpeople, knitters, weavers, ceramists, tiny house dwellers, gardeners, inventors, community projects, ukulele players, performers, jugglers, small museums, ancient trees, special places, wise women, historians Etcetera.

(do you know somebody, someplace I should visit? Let me know!).

I am planning a little bit but not to much, I’ve got a cart ‘Arlette la charette’ and in it everything I need! A tent sleepingbag and mat, cooking equipment, clothes and raingear

in this website I will write and share art/pictures etc that I make on the way, but I’m very wary of ‘having’ to write or post so probably not every day)

Why do I walk alone? For me it’s an obvious choice, (although my partner thinks differently, but he’s letting me go)

for me it is very important to go alone, to really find the rythm of living on the road by myself as a kind of meditation to be in the moment, I do welcome guests though, people that want to come walk with me for a while (my son Senne will come walk with me in January)