Honguemare-Guenouville, Haute-Normandie, France

Day 25 I walked 26km!
I left Rouen through the industrial zones that seemed to go on forever!
I’m walking on the other side of the Seine now! Which feels special as the Meuse and the Seine start from the same plateau, it makes it feel so far!
I’m headed towards Rennes which is still a long way away!
( do you know anybody that can put me up or host me in the garden?)
Check my map on my website it tells you exactly where I am) Thewalkinghomeproject.eu
It was a bit foggy this morning, but it was okay. I found lots of blackberries again which I had for Lunch with cruesly yummm
Later this friendly guy Maurice drove by and came back
He insisted to drive me up the hill!
Saved me 5/6 km of walking! And as I keep saying I make the rules! It was a nice surprise! And I think I made his day!
I was very proud of myself for asking for a camping spot, I know it is redicous, but I find it quite intimidating to ask for a camping spot… I asked a lady working in the garden but she wasn’t sure, so I walked a bit further and asked people playing pétanque in the school grounds, and they said no problem!
I cooked some of Anny and Didiers Potatoes very tasty
And I’ve been walking and reading!
Nearly finished

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August 2022

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