Syracuse, Italy

Day 464, 14-10-‘23, 12,7 km walked in Siracusa, after breakfast at the hostel, I had coffee at a cafe where they had Vegan croissants! With orange marmelade in it! Yumm
Then I just wandered and came across the papyrus museum! Very interesting, there was papyrus growing in Syracuse and paper making but the technique got lost and some men tried to reintroduce the use for paper in the 18th century
It made me think of you Judith!
I then visited the castle at the end of the isle.
And as I was walking back I came across a vegan restaurant, moon, so I could not pass without checking it out!
Ooooh it was so good! Especially the cheese platter with cheeses all made in their own kitchen/laboratory! So good!!!
If ever in Syracuse check them out!
I excused myself for not being able to tip them, and expressed my gratitude for their lovely food and explained why I’m vegan and how I don’t fly anymore to use less resources (less water, less land and less fuel) and that I came mostly on foot; more than 7500km, and the offered me my meal! Thank you Francisco and Mela and restaurant MOON
Tomorrow I’m walking again!
Visiting the Roman theatre and archeological par and then further!
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October 2023

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